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This show is for RISK TAKERS and DREAM MAKERS. Former professional poker player Kristy Arnett has made it her life's mission to teach people to take calculated risks. She is a now a podcaster, YouTuber and author of the upcoming book, "The Biggest Gamble: A memoir about Love & Risk." What’s between what we say we want and what we have is fear. The way we move past fear is by taking risks. Risk everyday and watch your life transform. Join the movement #riskeveryday
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Jul 16, 2018

Are you stuck in a rut? In a relationship that you feel isn't right for you? In a job that makes you feel tired and less than valued? How much time will we devote our lives to things that are not working for us? As you might already know, we don't live forever but we may live our lives like we do. If this is you, then you will not want to miss today's guest. In this episode, I interview Bronnie Ware the author of The Top Five Regrets of the Dying. When Bronnie was a child, she believed she would grow up and be a musician like her parents. When her heart led her to work with the terminally ill, she was inspired to share all that she has learned from the dying with the world. 

Listen to learn how to live a life without regrets and satisfy your dreams. 


Show Notes:

[00:01:31] risks I've taken have have just been a culmination of one risk after another and I don't actually see a lot of Bermas risks anymore because it's just my nature and my lifestyle to think okay well my heart says to do this next I'll do this or I'll do this. [14.8]

[00:03:17] I picked up my guitar and started writing a song and that led to me stepping onto a stage and I was so sick with nerves and it felt like for a couple of weeks before I even got there and I got on on that stage and I hated it.

 [00:04:24] I learnt to open my heart a crack at a lot of walls that were blocking me and it was a massive healing journey for me and that led to me eventually opening a creating a songwriting program in a women's jail and that led to all the while I was doing the music I was looking after dying people and that led to me writing an article for a music magazine which led to me starting a blog which led to the blog taking off which led to me being offered an agency contract for a book deal and then 25 rejections later I went independent release my book. The book took off and ended up with a publishing deal. [44.0]


[00:06:54] this deep desire to share this message because you know that it will make an impact and hearing how your story progressed into. Exactly Being a writer that suits you.

[14.4] [00:08:07] How do people get to the deep desire or passion that is going to carry them through the scary parts. Okay well there's two things.

[00:14:00] The mind does the mind and see the exact exact vision but the heart doesn't the heart wants to feel a particular feeling. And so if you can take and the heart won't forget that feeling.

[00:14:12] So there's no risk of you getting distracted because the heart will actually say I'm really not happy here. You're getting off track. So the heart will always always call you back. So if you can have the courage to only do one step at a time knowing that your heart won't lead you astray your heart will actually keep pulling you in the true direction you're meant to be going. [35.5]

[00:15:30] So by committing to just one step at a time then not only are you fully present and can enjoy that step and learn more about yourself in the process but then you give life a chance to reveal the next step when you're ready and that way you end up taking 10 steps 10 really significant steps to get to your destination even if there they'll be enjoyable and an amazing even if they're also really difficult because they can you know life is challenging you to get rid of all the other conditioning that isn't serving you. [39.9]

[00:23:12] I would love to just to talk about your first book The top five regrets of the dying as you mention and dig a little bit deeper into just the first regret. How did you find yourself caring for people as your as your next step. [19.2]

[00:29:07] And you promised me please promise to this dying woman that you are going to live a life true to yourself that you're going to be courageous that you're not going to care what other people think of you. Please darling please tell me don't. [15.0]

[00:30:49] So we have to recognize this that was a precious resource time is and that it's not replaceable and it's not infinite. So the more we can recognize that that we're on limited time and then we realise we don't want to live a life. But other people expect of us. We need to be brave and dare to surrender into where our hearts calling us. [26.2]

[00:34:35] so. So it's it's just recognising that life your life is incredibly precious and it's not for ever and the pain of regret is nothing you ever ever ever want to experience. [15.3]

[00:36:52] When Dad died because we'd healed a very tumultuous relationship. So when he died I actually just felt amazing peace and gratitude but I just knew was a changing time in my life and so I took a few months off and within a week of a few months of Bloom just it was just like warm. [18.3]

[00:39:06] what is surrender in this context and how and why is it so necessary in living no regrets life. Sure. It's definitely not giving up. It takes a lot more courage than that and it actually takes reaching a place where you say I really don't. [19.2]

[00:42:49] I had to I had to learn forgiveness towards myself. I felt guilty for being too happy and I had upper limit problems. It was time to embrace happiness without guilt is embracing happiness without guilt over this idea of a sort of like that we deserve to be happy to surrender play into that as well. [24.0]

[00:47:26] whatever. You know these vulnerabilities and being able to share things like that make us more human. And so when I put bloom out there sharing different facets of my past and and raw honesty I knew that I'd done the job I was meant to do because in doing that not only am I serving others by helping them find strength through my journey but I have learnt through surrender that it came full circle that life loves us and wants us. [35.9]

Jun 24, 2018

Welcome to Season Two of Risk Everyday! 

Today, I am speaking about big juicy goals and how to create a vision for your life. Listen to this episode to learn more about how you can have what you want in life. 

If you enjoy listening to my podcast, please take time to leave a review. 


World Series of Poker (WSOP) Vlog -

Dec 25, 2017

We have all been there; you are at an event, you're going around meeting new people, you have a lengthy conversation with a new acquaintance, but you instantly forget their name. It can be embarrassing, and you can feel guilty for not paying close enough attention, but it doesn't have to be this way. With practice and going back to your childhood imagination skills, you can enhance your memory.

Today we are back with Chris Pimmer to discuss how to hack your memory. Listen as Chris teaches us steps to remembering everything from names to memorizing a deck of cards.

Take a course with Chris Pimmer


Show Notes:


1. Parking Lot
2. Door
3. Bathroom door
4. Tables
5. Counter
6. Straw and Napkin Box
7. Cashier
8. Offerings Screens
9. Drive through order
10. Drive through delivery window


One Bun Attitude
Two Shoe Priorities
Three Tree Health
Four Door Family
Five Hive Thinking
Six Sticks Commitment
Seven Heaven Finances
Eight Gate Faith
Nine Whine Relationships
Ten Hen Generosity
Eleven Kevin Value
Twelve Shelf Growth



One of my very good friends told me to buy a book about memory techniques you hadn't read it himself. I thought at the time he did and he was telling me to buy this book because he thought it was so good. But no he just thought it was the memory world champion at the time for the team the team memory champion of the world. And he just thought that would interest me. And I bought the book I read the first couple pages and. Left it alone. Never looked at it again until 2016 I started to record my first online video courses. And I started to write books. And I wanted a better method.


And in the book, it talks about a technique which is called The Memory Palace. And late in 2016, I started to learn about memory palaces. I made my own in the book he suggests you use your apartment. And you take in every room you take five memorable spots like for example in my bathroom. I have the radiator and I have a towel. I have. A washing sink.


So the first step was assigning each suit like a category and then each card an image within that category. And then how do you link the order together.


Using one thing per station means you can easily also go backward or start in the middle and go either way wherever you want to go. So even though you have a fixed order you can start anywhere within that order and always go from there. Like for example I've I shuffled a deck of cards and I can tell you either forward or backward. If you want to.


And in this rhyme technique that impact technique that I'm going to do with you. You can use any rhyme that you want that worked well for you. And again we're back to where we said in the first part of the interview about quality it's always important to take what is best for you not for everybody else use what others say or give as an idea as a template and work from there to find your own way.


It'll help you. And afterward, we do a review like we said before. Testing you. And if there is an error we will be able to find that error where you probably could have. Had a different image that would have helped you more or why an image didn't help you and why another one didn't help you see that the next one five thinking.


I wanted to share a memory powers that potentially everyone can use. I created one for everyone. Because it might help with setting up something yourself. And I'm using McDonald's as an example because I assume most people have ever. Most people have been to McDonald's before maybe even more than once.




Dec 19, 2017

What are the fundamental ways of being to have quality results in your life? Is it patience? Is it your mindset? Is it slowing down?

Something that we don't usually think of when we think of successful people is their ability to slow down. Today, in the first part of a two-part episode, I interview Chris Pimmer, instructor of Self Mastery: Upgrade Your Mindset & Thought Patterns.

Chris Pimmer is a philosopher, instructor on Udemy, a Taoist, a thinker, and writer. He knows four languages, was a semi-pro basketball player and has lost over 70 pounds. He credits his most triumphant moments to slowing down and having patience. 

Listen as we discuss how to have quality results by slowing down and keeping your patience in check.

Enroll in Chris Pimmer's Course: Self Mastery: Upgrade Your Mindset & Thought Patterns

Follow Chris on Twitter: @chrismission


Show Notes: 

I'm committed to making it a priority to actually do that for 2018. Review the year and take in the best of what I've learned into 2018 and I've made that a priority due to in large part the influence of our guest today. His name is Chris Palmer. I talked about him on a risk every day about how you magically came into my life and taught me so much.
Often we think that we need to push push push against or or or go harder and faster and that may not actually create quality. And what I love about Chris is that he's really applied this to all aspects the way he teaches. The way he plays poker the way he speaks the way he's learned four different languages the way he lost one hundred pounds which we're going to talk about on the podcast as well.
I thought God am I going to do here now. I have no idea what I like what I want even though I had done so many things in my life. I was absolutely unaware of all the things that I had done and what they actually meant. That came years later only. So for example I once fell in love with a Brazilian girl and she didn't know how to speak German. I'm from Germany so the next day I bought a book to learn Portuguese and a couple of months later I was able to talk to her. And I wasn't even aware that that was something that I really loved. Like the learning of something was the key thing here for me. And it took me so long to discover to even. You
And slowly a very deep depression started to come over me. I started to isolate myself not to try to be with anyone not trying to have any contact with anyone anymore. And that depression. Got only worse over the next couple of years. And. In 2012 we're talking here 2007 so 2012 five years later I finally was able to get out of the Depression using a lot of the techniques that I. Try to learn all the time myself and then employ them in my own life. And those five years fields feel like I completely lost them. Like gone for my life. And so this time you were learning.
If there weren't that part you mean by accepting by accepting that hey why not try something new why not be open to this and changing a word Tao into literally anything like. I think what helped me the most with the book was that I for some reason that I cannot say I don't know. I always thought about after reading one verse. Usually I didn't read more than one verse. And it has eighty one of them.
I try to be present for it. I think presence and quality go sort of hand in hand if you're not present for something. You will have a hard time to give it your best and giving your best. Sounds like an effort again. But we're talking about effortless giving your best. I always imagine some martial artists for example that looks just so fluid so. Gracious. When moving and you feel like oh this is exactly what effortless looks like. But it took them tons and tons of training rehearsal.
But I think the key here is the more and more it's promising it's improving. I feel more joy. No not everything has to be slow I think because like it says it's not about just being slow it means effortless doing effortless doing can also be fast doesn't have to be slow if you feel great with something and if it comes from inside of you just do it fast. That's fine. But when it involves something like chess or poker or some other mental cognitive disciplines you sometimes want to think a little longer or at least take a little more time so that you can.
But if you do feel something inside that something is right something usually is not right. Doesn't mean that it has to be wrong but something is going on that you should explore and take serious and there are certain triggers like every time you say it feels like this or my gut tells me this or that. Those are sort of trigger moments so whenever you feel yourself saying that to yourself or you.
No matter what part of our lives we're doing it and I see this example all the time when people start new year's resolutions and they go I'm going to go to the gym every day for two hours for you know the rest of the year and that's like there's a new year's resolution and then like a weekend like still hard. It's too much or at least I mean that's what that's one kind of example that I've seen and you know I just would love to bring this kind of all together and what I really have taken from this hour together on quality is.
And after a couple days or even weeks I started to have that streak of having so many days in a row what I was like wow OK let's do more than 10 days. There's 250 days as did 20 days and all of a sudden without realizing it because I was so focused on putting in the right numbers. I had a 100 days. Now I have a 209 days of doing that exact diet all the time or actually even more because I left out some days while I was on vacation.

Dec 12, 2017

Chris Lee has always had a natural ability to help others shift their perspectives and let go of what is not working. He is someone that I have wanted to interview since the day I met him and he is one of the biggest reasons I still have my marriage.

On today's episode, Chris walks us through the 10 principals of abundance and prosperity. Listen to learn how to make space for abundance and attract what you want in life.

Find Chris Lee here:
Buy the book here: Transform Your Life: 10 Principals of Abundance and Prosperity

Take a Course with Chris Lee: Choice Leadership


Show Notes: 

[1:02] First of all, before I get started I actually just wanted to acknowledge you because you've made such an impact in my life. You've known my story I have shared on this podcast so much about it but. You were one of the biggest reasons I still have my marriage.

[2:19] But first I really want to introduce you to my audience who doesn't know you as well as I do. So could you give us a little bit about your backstory and how come this park is so important to you.

[2:30] Well I'm from San Juan, Puerto Rico. I grew up there I moved there from New York when I was one and my family spent the first five years in the Old City in Old San Juan. So it's such a rich place with so much culture. And it was a very happy time. And when I was 6 my father decided to leave our family and he left and never came back.

[2:56] And so that was a very traumatic moment for me in my life. I felt abandoned and I felt unworthy and being the youngest as well of five kids. I was like always left behind. And so that was that was pretty much the foundation of my mission to really not only develop my self-worth and develop my emotional intelligence but to also see how these tools could support other people.

[3:56] And then there was this one workshop that a friend of mine did that changed her life. She was a good friend of mine from school and for some reason, I resisted it the most. And so it took her a year and a half to get me to go. And after finally, I said OK I'm going to go do this. It completely created a massive revolution in my thinking. And so that's when I realized that who we are as who we choose to be and that we have the power to create what we want.

[6:36] And that led to my own principles and that led to my own work in my own workshop and developing it into the point where now we have transformed your life. Ten Principles of Abundance and Prosperity and through of course the work of transformation I do workshops all over the world specifically the United States at a place called Choice Center which is absolutely incredible which is where we met and Choice Center is a place a university a leadership University. Emotional intelligence is one of the most powerful tools you can ever implement in your life. And I also work with celebrities I coached celebrities I coach heads of companies and you know people in different arenas to really bring out their authentic selves and bring out the most effective part of them to make a massive difference.

[10:11] Most people are always looking at what they are not what they don't have what they haven't accomplished what's wrong with them. And guys I do this work every week and there's and of course it's critical to do that to see OK this is what I need to fix.

[10:32] And so by me acknowledging my worth and acknowledging all the gifts and blessings I had in my life and those of you listening think about what are you worth. What are the blessings in your life? What are the priceless things that you wouldn't trade for any amount of money? And so it's about gratitude and gratitude is me highlighting every gift I have from the fact that I'm breathing to the fact that I could see I could listen I could hear I could walk I could talk. There's so many you know in the book I say we're already billionaires we just don't know.

[12:07] So one of my quotes in the book is when I live in gratitude. Life will give me more to be grateful for when I live in gratitude. Life will give me more to be grateful for. So that's a bug that's an attitude of gratitude. Prosperity is a byproduct.

[15:17] Yeah. It's such an important exercise I think. I challenge you guys to do that right now or after we just just write down the things that you're great at the things that you can give the world the things that you have accomplished and really take time.

[18:56] And so one of the key principles are or ways or strategies of letting go through forgiveness, forgiveness of your forgiveness of others as long as you're mad at somebody they have your power. As long as you're mad at yourself then you are powerless to move forward. So letting go is it really it encompasses a lot of things.

[21:06] and that's what I'm in now you are able to create that space to attract in my life somebody who's been a partner a soul mate who respects me. We share the same vision we share values principles. We don't disrespect. We don't talk bad to each other. We don't scream. We don't say bad words we are just very loving and honorable with each other the way relationships were meant to be.

[23:44] I mean look what's happening now with all these incredibly talented actors and producers and screenwriters that are just being outed for being predators someone is completely out of integrity. It's out of integrity for me to solicit you to have sex. And you say no to me insist on it anyway. It's out of integrity for me to drug you or for me to rip you off or steal from you or lie to you. I mean that just out of integrity and integrity is also about being whole and complete with yourself. You know you're you're acting inconsistently with what you say matters to you-you're out of integrity. So you say your health matters but you smoke. You say your family matters but you don't spend time with them. You say your wife matters but you never spend time with her. You say that your children matter but you don't listen to them.

[26:28] I write principle for visualization. This is fun because you know everything was once a vision and then like one of my favorite quotes like Disney said if you have the power of your dream it is the power to achieve it. And think of all the things we can create when we use our imagination. Another quote imagination is more important than knowledge.

[28:54] And my message to everyone listening is if you have the power to imagine it you have the power to create it in the current moment. So visualization is beautiful.

[30:08] For example if you feel that you're not worth anything you create an affirmation. Like I am a valuable worthy man. So basically you're creating an affirmation. Let's say you want confident speaking in public because you're terrified of public speaking. So you create an affirmation where the words that represent what you want. So I am a powerful influential motivational speaker you know.

[34:15] Like your marriage you get to choose it every day. It's not you chose it when you chose it. It's I choose it now and I choose it now and I choose it now it's something that's a work in progress so that persistence is really about choosing the goal over and over and turning any breakdowns that could happen into an opportunity. And in the book once again I teach you how to do that.

[38:37] If it's to be it's up to me and when I lived these previous principles I start not only creating big things I attract I attract people in my life opportunities investments jobs relationships. I stopped having to look for work twenty years ago I stopped having to work for a paycheck. Twenty years ago 30 years ago sorry I stopped having to have what I want 30 years ago because I shifted into this energy and I could tell you hands down the avalanche of love and support and work and health and just it all comes back to you when you're sourcing but there's no place like being responsible and there's no apparent victim.

[42:23] The big thing for me is humility because when you're in this work for so long and people all over the world are admiring you and loving you and you know it to be the big thing that's coming up for me is it's not about me. It's about the information or the message of the vehicle.


Dec 5, 2017

On today's episode, I interview Steve Sims, the world's first luxury concierge. Steve is the visionary and founder of a company called Bluefish. Bluefish makes all of their clients' fantasies and wildest dreams come true. Whether that is visiting the International Space Station or taking a submarine to the Titanic, Steve makes it happen.

Through Steve's journey, he has learned that failure is what has helped him move forward in life. He has been a bricklayer, a doorman, unemployed, etc., but what helped him move forward is his ability to allow failure but not be defined by it. He recommends failing daily and if you are an entrepreneur, you should be failing often because it's the only way you will grow.

Listen to learn how to move forward with what you want and get shit done.

You can find Steve Sims here:
Steve Sims
Buy the book Blue Fishing here: Blue Fishing: The Art of Making Things Happen

Show Notes:
[07:59] It's so so interesting that you launched this business and it's evolved and basically out of that it named itself you've got to really put the definition of creating your own world. So I would love to know a little bit of the history of your you're in this incredible company like one of a kind company. What had you began did you just see that I could really create these incredible events for people or how did that evolve. [08:31] Yeah I sat down and I did a 400 page PowerPoint. And I studied in Harvard for four years I'm now so complete and utter B.S. I was a doorman for a nightclub in Hong Kong because I'd lost my job. I'm British I lived in London. I got this chance of a job in Hong Kong. I went over for a in one day and they fired me. So I'm stuck in Hong Kong with no job no future. And I ended up working on the dole you know luckily this is an audio podcast and not a video so I can convince you that I'm about 150 pounds. The simple fact is I'm about 250 pounds of ugly. So God created me for that. So I did what I was for I started working on the door. Started throwing parties. [09:18] And quite simply at that time I thought I'm gonna invite rich people poor people come pay me and rich people are the chances of employing people so it makes sense. It sounds rude but you know hopefully I told myself if I've got like 50 rich people in the know in the nightclub maybe one of them will offer me a job and that was the whole premise behind it. [19:09] Now entrepeneurs, there is one trait an entrepreneur needs and it's to become comfortable with being uncomfortable because shit goes wrong when you're an entrepreneur if you haven't been sued broke ripped off let down disappointed that it's it's going to happen because that's what happens to entrepreneurs.I just tried it and I failed more times than anybody else. I fail weekly if not daily and those five years are quite simply just educational what not to do. And I allow failure to find me and not define me. [38:01] If you've got people in your life the naysayers. They say "that doesn't sound like a good idea, we shouldn't try that" you want to get those people out of your life from a place where people go why shouldn't we tried that what's the downside if we tried marketing campaigns and it fails, are the lights still going to be on? If yes they are then hell that's the one we should try because you can only go forward by trying new things. [42:59] Beginning to let go of control or trust in other people brings up some level of fear for people. I love what you say when you say you can you can only grow by giving other people responsibility and also that gives them the opportunity to grow into. And I'm curious so your company Blue Fish, what do you see for in the future and are you constantly asking yourself what things can I delegate still or are you really clear with what it is that you want to be doing currently and it's kind of set? [43:44] So in my business when things are happening them I like to try new concepts allowed to try new markets are allowed to try new demographics dynamics countries are allowed to try new things. It's what keeps my interest. [45:18] So in my business when things are happening them I like to try new concepts allowed to try new markets are allowed to try new demographics dynamics countries are allowed to try new things. It's what keeps my interest. [47:41] So if you're worried about offending somebody maybe they shouldn't be in your circle because maybe they should be part of the problem solution. Maybe those people shouldn't be in your circle. I'm having a bad day. Something's wrong here. I'm not happy. Will you help me. And as the person turns around says no. Maybe not person should be in your circle and if you're offended then what are you lost. Totally. I'm actually a great believer and this might sound silly or it may be plausible to any of you out that I'm a great believer in being selfish. I am an amazingly selfish, self-centered person. I don't do anything that doesn't benefit me. [50:23] I want to try some different. I always want to try something different I want to experience something different because only once I've experienced it well I know do I like.
[52:04] I think what they need to do first of all is clean house. I would suggest the cleaning house is imperative. You can't run up a hill when you are too much baggage. So clean house get rid of those people that are irritating aggravating zapping your energy and focus on the good stuff.

May 31, 2016
How do we find our own answers to this existential question of, "WTF am I doing with my life?" while navigating life's inevitable WTF moments to become better because of them? It's in this journey that you will find what your soul is looking for - clarity, purpose and a bigger life than you can even imagine right now (like so f***ing good, it's almost weird).
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